Happy Birthday, Armie Hammer!


Happy 26th birthday Armie Hammer!


prayer circle armie hammer

aka the man who is a critically acclaimed actor with SAG nomination, who is 6’4, universally attractive, grew up fishing in the caymen islands, and ties knots for fun

is cast as finnick odair

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They are SO close to their next goal!!!

Here is why I believe Armie is perfect for Finnick, and why I campaign for him-

  • Look wise, he is perfect. Finnick needs to look like a masterpiece. Armie has that. He is VERY tall, his voice is endearing, and he looks like a prince!- plus HE LOOKS LIKE A MAN. I’ve seen too many people wanting to cast people who can pass as high schoolers for Finnick, which will not do. Especially when Jennifer already looks a bit old.
  • He is the perfect age!!! Finnick is 24, Armie is 25!
  • HE CAN ACT. He has a Screen Actors Guild nomination, and has been in major movies. There is no denying his talent.
  • His charisma is through the roof. He is hilarious, charming, and could pull off Finnick’s dialogue effortlessly. Seriously, I DARE you to watch an Armie Hammer interview and not fall in love with him.
  • BONUS: He grew up in the Caymen Islands fishing for food, AND he has said in an interview HE. TIES. KNOTS. This man IS Finnick.

I hope I could convince at least one person why Armie is perfection. Please stop by the Facebook page and give them a “like”!